Custom Plugins

Equion Experts are expert at developing custom plugins, for Atlassian products, to provide the capability your business needs for competitive business advantage.

Equion Experts have built many simple and highly complex custom plugins for major organisations. In addition, many organisations use our commercially available plugins across the world. Examples of our plugins are:

  • Confluence Analytics plugin

    The Confluence Analytics plugin provides a vast array of statistical information. Delivering the capability to measure usage on both an individual user basis and an aggregated view; identifying is who is contributing, who is using (i.e. visiting pages) and who is signed up but inactive; who are the top contributors; tracking where users have come from and much more. The Confluence Analytics is also searchable by defined time periods, for example, per day, week, month, quarter, 6 monthly and yearly.
  • Confluence-IDOL Security plugin

    Developed for one of the largest legal organisations to ensure the security of important and confidential Confluence Spaces, documents, contracts and blog posts. When searching in Confluence, this plugin only allows users to only see allowed search results governed by their allocated permissions in Active Directory.
  • Enterprise Picture Plugin

    The Enterprise Picture Plugin allows the automatic uploading of images stored in Active Directory or other respository into Confluence. View the profile picture of any user using Active Directory to ensure the correct attribute is used Simply enter a username and click the Test button. Automatically import all user profile pictures from Active Directory or a web or file server.
  • Single Sign On Plugin

    Our Single Sign On plugin enables users to securely sign on once and have access to all the Atlasssina applications for which they have permission. Equion can also provide enterprise Single Sign On to enable access to any web based application whether internet, intranet or extranet based.
  • ClientBase Plugin

    ClientBase is a sophisticated plugin which enables users to access information on an organisations clients and key client related information. The plugin uses sophisticated search techniques to enable important information to be found quickly and easily. As this ClientBase information is changing on a regular basis, sophisticated data uploading functionality has been developed to ensure that data is always accurate and current.
  • Pinterest Plugin

    The Pinterest plugin allows users to access the power of Pinterest within Confluence. Providing the capability to present important information within the organisation, for example, senior management or to third party organisations in a way that is engaging and very easy to consume.

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